Gentle Passing

Saying goodbye to your loving pet at home

Memory Wall

Dr Chan,
     I wanted to again let you know how appreciative I am of you making a place in your schedule to so quickly accommodate us in your no doubt busy day, to provide a sensitive and caring end to our leonberger, Savanna's, devoted and tender life.
     What you do must be difficult but, oh! is it so much better for so many creatures who fear vet visits. Thank you from both my wife (who was out of town that day) & myself for that sensitivity. Savannah was always my wife, Noela's, dog they bonded very quickly and it has made her absence Wednesday morning more bearable, to hear what care and caring you brought to Savanna's passing moments.  Wherever we went people invariably commented on what a "beautiful" dog she was. Over the years as Savanna and I grew to know one another more closely I learned to answer these people by saying, "You know, she is even more beautiful on the inside".
Mike & Noela Miller & Family