Gentle Passing

Saying goodbye to your loving pet at home

Pet Euthanasia in the comfort of your home

Having been through the process several times with my own pets, I recognize that euthanasia is a very difficult decision.  For many, our pets are not just dogs or cats, but our family members.  Knowing ‘when’ is very much a personal decision and I feel that the owner is the best judge of a pet’s quality of life, and when it is not as it should be. 

Your family veterinarian is very important in this decision, as he/she knows your pet’s medical history.  Your vet may be able to offer pain/hospice options, depending on the situation.  When the decision has been made, if you choose to have this service performed in the familiar surroundings of your home, Gentle Passing can provide this for you and your family.  When you call, Dr. Chan will discuss your individual situation and will determine an appointment time that meets your needs.

Therese Chan DVM

***Please be aware that this is NOT the S. Morris cremation company.  If you are inquiring about a pet's cremation done through your family veterinarian, they will need to contact Steve Morris for you with any questions or concerns.